Send Me a Box of Wolverines

Send Me a Box of Wolverines

Book written and illustrated by Suzanne Stutzman

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Send Me a Box of Wolverines is a lively illustrated children’s book about wolverines, an amazing wild animal that used to live in Colorado. Wolverines are determined, spirited, and indepentent creatures that personify wilderness. The book is carefully researched and is accurate about the natural history of wolverines. And it’s FUN. In 2009, a lone wolverine (M-56) with a transmitter came down from Wyoming, took up residence in Colorado and roamed widely around the state. The transmitter quit sending signals in the fall of 2012. M-56’s drew a lot of interest and enthusiasm for this plucky species and inspired this book. In 2016 M-56 was found in North Dakota, but sadly had been killed.   Nevertheless, wolverines may come back to Colorado or they may be re-established in the future. This is a really cool Colorado animal that captivates adults and kids. Wouldn’t you like to open a box of wolverines? About the Author – Suzanne Stutzman is an illustrator and wilderness advocate from Golden, Colorado.  Now retired from a 35-year career with the National Park Service as a landscape architect, park planner, and wilderness program manager, she now applies her illustration skills to tell stories about nature through art.  She has created this book to fire up kids (and adults) about wolverines and the possibility of re-establishing them to her home state of Colorado and making the wilderness a little wilder. $1 will be donated to The Wolverine Foundation for each book purchased.


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Children’s programs available upon request to the author (e-mail above), including this “wolverine-in-a-box” demonstration.

Why would anyone want a box of wolverines?  This delightfully illustrated narrative not only presents the reader with fascinating facts about the wolverine, but also makes a poignant argument for reintroduction of this little-known species.  Beware!  After reading this lively and engaging book, you may also wish to order a box of wolverines!
Linda Hagen

Educator, parent, and grandparent

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, an educator, a scientist, or perhaps even a slightly confused X-men fan, you will open these pages to lope across the wild backcountry of Colorado on the heels of an amazing creature.  And you will come away cheering for more.
Anna Lieb

Editor in Chief of the Berkeley Science Review

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